The decision to retain private investigator services can oftentimes be a delicate one. Whether you’ve worked with a private detective before or this is your first foray into the world of private detective service, finding the right licensed private investigator for your needs can be overwhelming and even a bit intimidating.

At She Spies Private Eye, Inc., an Austin private investigator, servicing most of Texas, we realize that many people have limited knowledge of what a private investigator does to what they’ve read in books or seen on TV. The fictitious private investigators most people are familiar with are shady, crass and unethical — hardly characteristics that anyone would consider desirable in a male or female private investigator.

We understand this perception, along with so many other unknowns, can leave you feeling apprehensive and anxious about hiring a private investigator. We assure you a single phone conversation with one of the exceptionally qualified, professional Dallas, Round Rock or Austin private investigators at She Spies Private Eye will dispel that Hollywood lore and put you at ease. Our highly-trained and experienced team of investigators is committed to managing your case with professionalism, confidentiality and with the utmost sensitivity. We employ the necessary investigative resources and technology so we can conduct a discreet and comprehensive investigation on your behalf. Our job is to capture, collect and organize the information and facts, ultimately revealing the irrefutable truth as it relates to your unique situation.

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Divorce & Child Custody

While divorce is sometimes necessary, it can leave a trail of devastation in its wake. Children are often casualties of divorce, caught in the middle, neglected and even at times used as a pawn by a bitter parent.

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Cheating Spouse

Statistics prove that women who feel their lover is cheating are correct 80% of the time. For men, they guess correctly 50% of the time*. If you suspect this is the case, you need to know the truth. Do you know the signs of infidelity?

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Runaway Teens

Your child is missing. She or he may or may not have disappeared by their own choice, but they need to be found. The longer you wait to pursue recovering your child reduces the odds they will return safely and unharmed.

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Computer & Cell Phone Foresnics

She Spies Private Eye’s Texas computer forensics expert team is able to gather the evidence in a way that is presentable in court because we can demonstrate the evidence hasn’t been tampered with..

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Vehicle Tracking Devices & Other Illicit Approaches to Obtaining Evidence

Electronic devices may seemingly have changed the way private investigators can conduct investigations. It is easy to understand why people would believe that today, the process to obtain cell phone records or retrieve cell phone messages should be easier. The truth is tracking devices for private investigation purposes do have their limits, even now. It is a federal offense for a private investigator to track someone’s whereabouts through cell phones, GPS locators or any other location tracking system in most instances. Do you feel slightly confused by all these technicalities? In this article we will address what methods of collection of evidence for private investigation use is considered illegal.. more>

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Featured Attorney

Amy Gehm

Amy Gehm genuinely cares about her clients and provides exceptional guidance and support during what is often an emotionally-charged time in their lives. She has devoted her practice exclusively to family law matters since 1998.

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